The Journey of Tertiary Prep in 2017

2017 was another year of massive growth in my journey with Tertiary Prep, which was enhanced by three significant opportunities.

Number One

July: SLANZA (School Library Association of New Zealand Aotearoa) Conference

In this joint presentation on the outcome of the collaboration between Canterbury University and Waimea College using the basis of the Tertiary Prep Programme to create a transition programme, Dinah Warren and myself had the opportunity to share our anecdotal evidence of the success of this programme, and how it continues to be developed for the Year 13 students at Waimea.

Number Two

September: CATE (Careers & Transition Education) Conference

Presentation to educators involved in careers and transition planning in secondary schools, where I shared about the Tertiary Prep Programme within the wider educational and employability context of information literacy skills.

Number Three

November: FYSEC (First Year Science Educators Colloquium)

I was thrilled with the invitation to present about the Tertiary Prep Programme at the second annual FYSEC held at Victoria University in Wellington.  Jointly hosted by Victoria and Massey Universities, FYSEC is an opportunity for first-year science educators in New Zealand to get together to discuss mutual challenges faced by them.  The first day was all about transition, so it was fantastic to not only share Tertiary Prep but also to gain an insight into other aspects of the transition to tertiary education for students.



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