Southland Boys’ High School

Southland Boys’ High School is a Year 7-13 boys’ secondary school with a roll of approx 950, about 80 of who are Year 13 students

The Tertiary Prep Programme at Southland Boys’ High School – Senga White, Research & Learning Coordinator

Established 2013

I began developing a tertiary prep programme for Boys’ High students within the first three months of beginning work at the school.  Because there was no existing information literacy programme in place, I benefited from taking a fresh look at a designing a programme for my current students.  The latest iteration of this now forms the basis of the current Tertiary Prep Programme which is more comprehensive than the original as it doesn’t assume any particular skills and also covers areas not previously included such as learning styles, memory techniques and essay writing.

TPT 2016 Sessions SBHS


For more information about The Tertiary Prep Programme at Southland Boys’ High School, contact Senga White on


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