If you’re looking for help in transitioning students from secondary to tertiary education, you’ve come to the right place

This site is designed to support schools who would like to explore ways of partnering with their students and parents who would like to support their children to achieve their academic goals both during their final year of secondary schooling and beyond.

On the Tertiary Prep Programme site you will find a programme structure you are welcome to use and develop to suit your own students’ requirements

There are examples from a variety of schools so you can see how others have created their own programme.

There are also links to resources used to create the five tutorials that make up the Tertiary Prep Programme.

I would love feedback, comments and suggestions regarding the information on this site and I would also love to hear from you if and when you put your own programme together and how it’s working in your school.

If you would like me to work with your school towards embedding this programme into your school learning structure, please email me at sengaw@windowslive.com


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